If you've seen us on Facebook, read about the Wombat Classic or keen to ride in the lovely Wombat forest then it's likely that you're interested in joining the Wombat MTB club. This is worth doing for several reasons:

    • Join club social rides and events (Thursday night and regular monthly rides at different trails )
    • Meet and ride with like minded people;
    • Be mentored by experienced member riders in a fun safe environment;
    • Learn your way around the local trails;
    • Learn trail building skills to help maintain and build our local trails at monthly working bees;
    • Support trail development, access and advocacy in Central Victoria;
    • Help build the profile of MTB riding in the local area;
    • Save yourself $20 each time you enter an MTBA-affiliated event (competitive membership only);
    • Get comprehensive insurance cover through MTBA, the peak MTB body (full details at;
    • Access trail building tools, bike trailer, club marquees MTB events.


Membership types:

Recreational - for those who don't want to compete in races. You get MTBA insurance cover at a reduced fee:

    • All ages = $65 (i.e. $45 to MTBA, $20 to WMTB)

Competitive - you get the insurance cover and no added day licence fee at all MTBA events:

    • Senior Membership (Race Licence) = $120 (100 to MTBA, 20 to WMTB)
    • Junior Membership (Race licence for 13 - U19) = $90 (70 to MTBA, 20 to WMTB)
    • If you are already a member of CA or BMXA you only need to pay $70 (50 to MTBA, 20 to to WMTB).

How to join:

      1. Go to and choose Wombat MTB Club (we're on page 6 of the lists) push the 'join' button.
      2. You should be taken to this page:
      3. Enter your personal details, click onto the next page where it confirms that you're joining the Wombat MTB club.
      4. Here you select your membership type (social or competitive), then click onto the next page where you agree to all the MTBA rules and regulations.
      5. The next page then asks if you want to join the IMBA (optional, adds $25 and another page of questions) and finally you get the payment page.
      6. When you have completed the payment page, send an email to our Club Secretary so he can include you on the club mail lists. Include the email address you wish to be contacted on. Club emails are generally advising of rides, working bees, upcoming races and meetings.
      7. Once you've completed that you're done (phew!).